Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyushu University
Drug Discovery and Evolution
Professor Kenji HAMASE@ Ph.D
 office hour
every Monday
5 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Assistant Prof.  Takeyuki AKITA@ Ph.D
Secretary  Mariko Kitada

Researcher Nutchaya Sereekittikul (Thailand)

Chiral Amino Acid Solution Center   
   Yurika Miyoshi  
   Maiko Nakane  
   Yoshikazu Sugito  
   Shoto Isigo  
D1 Yuko Saitsu   
M2 Chiharu Ishii  
M2 Kenji Ueki  
B6 Takuma Izu  
B6 Atsumi Ogawa  
B6 Yuki Tsutsui  
M1 Bing Zhao @ @@(China)  
M1 Kenta Sakai  
M1 Chin Ling Hsieh (Taiwan)
M1 Miho Takahashi   
M1 Aogu Furusho  
B5 Yumi Iwashita  
B5 Shohei Kamimura  
B5 Asumi Yoshida  
B4 Masahiro Tanaka   
B4 Natsuki Yoshioka  
B4 Shiori Satone  
B4 Miki Niiyada  
International student Siralak Laoratanapong  (Thailand)  
Pitchapa Putrakul@@(Thailand)  
  Siew Hwei Yap@@@@ (Malaysia)   
  Po Yeh Lin @@@@@@(Taiwan)